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Today, I made my first ever fudge. Chocolate fudge from my copy of The Complete Home Confectioner by Hilary Walden. It came out pretty good and I think I could get away with doing a full recipe in my largest pot next time (I was scared it would bubbleover if I did a whole recipe!).
Sadly, it's June and I'm thinking of Christmas presents to mail to the inlaws so they aren't too upset at me and hubby not turning up this year (it's too insane. I've gone two years in a row and it's just *bad* usually. Luckily, I have three hamsters now to claim we can't bring or leave behind...). I bought cheap little decorative tins from Ikea for 90p/4pack (on sale!) and now I'll fill them with fudge and give everyone a handmade crocheted snowflake ornament.
Tomorrow (or maybe later tonight), I might try making butterscotch!
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