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New HouseDykes Community [ 06.08.06 06:23 pm ]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi all,

If it applies to you, please go check out the new HouseDykes Community!


[ 04.10.06 06:50 pm ]

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Wilted Weeds and Arugula [ 03.12.06 04:51 am ]

1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon garlic paste

2 cups assorted weeds (there were dandelions, wild lettuces, wood sorrel, etc.*)
1 cup freshly picked arugula (you can get yours at the store, but mine is flowering so I suspect I better quit dawdling and start eating it)
.25 cup chervil
salt and pepper to taste (I used alessi sea salt this time)

2 tablespoons bergamot juice or lemon juice

Mix up the oil, garlic and butter as the butter melts. Add greens, salt and pepper, wilt down, add juice and cook a moment longer to finish.

Serves 2.

* Luckily, w/ most wild greens, what will kill you raw will nourish you cooked. There are notable exceptions to this and that is why you should always verify what you're eating before you eat it. Look up pictures of edible weeds and make sure you are eating something that isn't toxic, because the notable exceptions are notable because of how devestating their effects can be to a person's life span.

banana muffins [ 10.11.05 12:39 am ]

Today I made banana muffins. It's a vegan recipe, so you don't use any eggs or dairy products and there is no cholesterol. Here's the recipe and a photo! Read more...Collapse )


[ 08.26.04 03:01 pm ]
Just wanted to let you all know about an awsome community called sexy_domestics.

low carb, low fat .. under 400 c [ 07.23.04 03:50 pm ]

hi !! i just joined. my names Melody.
my friend & i are on the Pritikin Diet (simliar to The Zone, i think.)
& we're looking for recipes for lunch/snack/dinner
under 400 calories, low carb, low fat.
i'm a terrible cook with very little imagination & we're getting a bit sick of living off of toated sandwhiches and vegetables!
id love to see what ideas you've all got! thanks in advance! xx

[ 04.27.04 12:36 pm ]

I'm baking bread for the first time ever. it's rising right now :) i'm so excited to see how it turns out :) i'll update then too :)


[ 04.15.04 12:02 pm ]

Hi i've recently realized that i love the idea of becoming a housewife :):):):) yay so i pitched the idea at my fiance and he says it wasn't what he saw for us but he'll give it a try if it'll make me happy :) we have no children so all i have to take care of right now are our home and him :) As soon as he gets a better job, we will be trying to conceive :) lalala anyways thanks for listening..comment if u wanna be housewifey friends :)
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[ 04.11.04 01:21 pm ]

Hi guys! I'm Steph, your faithful maintainer! I'm sure this place will rock out loud as soon as we get a decent number of members, and everyone is welcome, so jump on the bandwagon!
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